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Elmina Castle is a few minutes drive from Twitter Paradise. We organise exciting tour trips to this historic site.

Elmina Castleis a designated World Heritage site and popular among visitors, especially those interested in learning more about the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Elmina castle, also known as St George's castle is slightly older than the Cape Coast Castle further west, it was built by the Portuguese in 1482. This makes it one of the oldest European buildings on the continent still in one piece today. The Castle stands white and proud with the shores of the rather wild Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the more placid Benya Lagoon on the other.

Take a tour with a guide, it's really worth it unless you know your history well, or have just had a similar tour at Cape Coast castle. The guide will take you through the history of the slave-trade, explain where the slaves came from and who brought them to this point. You get to go into the dungeons where the slaves were kept, and it's mighty eery and filled with bad vibes, some people cannot stand it for long. You can almost feel the suffering in the air, it's unsettling. There are good photo opportunities of the fishing market from the castle, and of course at the "door of no return". Literally a small door that led through the outer walls of the Castle where slaves were lowered into boats (exactly like the pirogues you see today), and then onto the big slaving ships further out at sea. Luckily the views and open spaces are breathtaking in and around the Castle, so you can get some air and gather yourself.

The Castle itself is quite well maintained. The upper story is where the officers lived and worked out of. It's worth reading a little history before you get here to make the most of a visit. 

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    Cape Coast Castle is a popular tourist location that attracts thousands of tourist from all over the world every year. We take our clients on a guided tour of this site.


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